FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, 2019 13:00–20:00

13:00–13:10 Introduction
Ondrej Viklicky, Georg Böhmig

13:10–15:20 Update on Kidney Research
Chairs: Ivan Rychlik, Uwe Heemann

13:10–13:40 Trashing the Tubules – Necroptosis and Ferroptosis in the Kidney
Andreas Linkermann (Dresden)

13:40–14:05 FSGS – Update
Vladimir Tesar (Prague)

14:05–14:30 GLP-1R Agonism as a New Therapeutic Option in Glomerulonephritis
Kathrin Eller (Graz)

14:30–14:55 SGLT2 Inhibitors and CKD
Christoph Wanner (Wuerzburg)

14:55–15:20 Tracking the Alloreactive T-cell Repertoire
Rainer Oberbauer (Vienna)

15:20–15:45 Coffee break

15:45–17:50 Recent Kidney Trials
Chairs: Rainer Oberbauer, Vladimir Tesar

15:45–16:10 Recent Progress of PARASOL Study
Miriam Banas (Regensburg)

16:10–16:35 Munich Dialysis Study
Christoph Schmaderer (Munich)

16:35–17:00 Operational Tolerance: TOMOGRAM Study
Ondrej Viklicky (Prague)

17:00–17:25 IL-6 Inhibition in Transplantation
Georg Böhmig (Vienna)

17:25–17:50 Rituximab in Nephrotic Syndrome
Andreas Kronbichler (Innsbruck)

Social Evening
18:30 Concert at the Baroque Refectory of the Dominican Convent of St. Giles

20:00 Dinner at the Brewery and Restaurant U Fleků

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14TH, 2019 08:30–13:00

08:30–10:10 Controversies in Transplantation
Chairs: Bernhard Banas, Attila Szabo

08:30–8:55 V-lesion: Harmful Phenotype?
Mariana Wohlfahrtova (Prague)

08:55–9:20 Borderline Changes: Time for Revision!
Petra Hruba (Prague)

09:20–9:45 i-IFTA in Kidney Transplantation
Agnieszka Perkowska-Ptasinska (Warsaw)

09:45–10:10 Prime Time for Personalized Immunosuppression by Torque Teno Virus
Gregor Bond (Vienna)

10:10–10:30 Coffee break

10:30–12:10 Chronic Kidney Disease
Chairs: Hannes Neuwirt, Romana Rysava

10:30–10:55 Cardiovascular Risks in Transplanted Children and Young Adults
György Reusz (Budapest)

10:55–11:20 Eicosanoids and Hypertensive Kidney Damage
Vera Certikova (Prague)

11:20–11:45 Lupus Nephritis in CKD5 Patients
Ondrej Derner (Prague)

11:45–12:10 Sex/Gender & Kidney
Manfred Hecking (Vienna)

12:10–13:00 Lunch

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14TH, 2019 13:00–17:05

13:00–14:40 BKV Infection and Immunity
Chairs: Georg Böhmig, Janka Slatinska

13:00–13:25 Management of BKV-Infection: Current Concepts and Remaining Challenges
Stefan Schaub (Basel)

13:25–13:50 BKV Viremia and Renal Graft Fibrosis Progression, Pilsen BKV Study
Tomas Reischig (Pilsen)

13:50–14:15 Generation of Patient-Derived BK Virus-Specific T-Cells
René Geyeregger (Vienna)

14:15–14:40 Loss of Function Mutation and Alloimmunity After Kidney Transplantation
Roman Reindl-Schwaighofer (Vienna)

14:40–15:00 Coffee break

15:00–17:05 Nephrology Meets Transplantation
Chairs: Farsad Eskandary, Zuzana Zilinska

15:00–15:25 Radiology & Allografts
Michal Eder (Vienna)

15:25–15:50 Donors and Hypertension
Michael Rudnicki (Innsbruck)

15:50–16:15 Paricalcitol in Kidney Transplantation
Miha Arnol (Ljubljana)

16:15–16:40 IgAN Recurrence: Different Phenotypes?
Dita Maixnerova (Prague)

16:40–17:05 PD: Swiss Experience
Stephan Segerer (Aarau)

17:05 Conclusion and Adjourn
Georg Böhmig, Ondrej Viklicky

The final program of the meeting can be found here.